Thursday, August 19, 2010

Through Sue's Eyes

Two weeks in the Adirondack and the camera never left the bag.
Not that there isn't anything worth being temporarily turned into 1's and 0's on a flash card but it was just another of " I've seen it done already."

Thankfully at the Lake's annual Breakfast Walk where all the residents get together once a year to see who's still here and who's doing what or whom, that I met a lovely women named Sue. Sue was visiting a camp with her family and was introduced as a photographer. We talked about her photography and looked at the back of her point and shoot at some photos and then she ran off to photograph the Bag Piper that plays on the knoll each Breakfast Walk.

Our meeting got me thinking about some images that might be interesting and I even got in the car left and the lake in search of a picture. But it wasn't until Sue's 75th birthday diner and a photo session on the lake photographing two antique Chris Crafts, with only her point and shoot for both of us, that the preverbal light bulb went off. Looking at the images after dinner I saw beautiful abstracts she had shot on the lake and at her camp that made me see this lake in a new way.

Sometimes it's nice to see the world through someone else's eye's or the back of their point and shoot!

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