Friday, July 9, 2010

Verdict, Let's go!

The morning started off on a note of high anticipation... right swell direction, light winds 7 to 10 knots and a Tuesday after a long Holiday weekend, hopefully uncrowded. Pulled into the parking lot to a half dozen empty boat trailers, a good sign. As we unloaded the boat and started to prep we discovered the kelp cutter is missing and a small leak in the zodiac, no sweat we'll bring the pump. On the beach testing the motor we discover another small leak, this time in the gas delivery system, where? Verdict, let's go! Pushing through the surf, the motor fires right up and dies...restart and die. We discover where the leak is and someone has to go over the side back to shore to look for a fix. (Who went is not important but I could have used a bigger board to paddle!)

Back on board with 5 minute epoxy smothering the leak and decision time again, verdict, let's go. The missing kelp cutter... a big deal. We have to stop every five minutes to clean the prop. Who had to lift the motor each time? Not me,The capt'n got the plus of a weight room workout all the way there. Guess who forgot the kelp cutter?

Meanwhile the two galley slaves are pumping air into the deflating hulls...right swell direction, light winds 7 to 10 knots and a Tuesday after a long Holiday weekend, hopefully uncrowded.
The first break we come to is reeling with no one on it. Time to get wet, again.. After an hour a vote is taken, we have enough light to get to the point and surf if we pull up anchor and go now. If we go and breakdown it'll be dark and we'll be six miles from home. Verdict, let's go!

Pulling into the cove the view is one from a movie you've not yet made. Somehow the half dozen trailers equal a dozen boats. I decide to stay on board and sneak a few photos of this very non photo- friendly break. Then one by one the surfers return to their boats and pull up anchor. The clouds part and the waves are perfect. Verdict, let's go!

Monday, July 5, 2010

South Swell

Summer has finally arrived with the return of the South swells. A couple of smaller ones at the Wedge. Fun times in not so-sunny Southern California.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blue Hawaii

In the book Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz, the author wonders what it would be like to retrace the voyages of Captain Cook; so he does just that. The author's thought upon arriving in Papeete was, "it's an utter sh**box. The architect who designed this town must have been unemployable anywhere else" and got me thinking about my last visit to Hawaii. Granted it was for work and the adage "location is not necessarily vacation" often holds true, but Hawaii?

A few images of the famous Waikiki Beach from my hotel.What would the good Capt. Think?