Thursday, May 13, 2010


At lunch the other day with two photographers the subject of my "new" film camera came up. I recently picked up a Nikon F3 and 5 prime lenses to use for my Black and White work. The first comment I got was, "I like Alien skin for my Black and White work"....

Alien skin isn't some new Black and White film, it's a filter in PS used to turn a digital image into Black and White and I use that term "turn into" very loosely. Now I'm not hiding my head in the sand to avoid technology, I own and use Alien skin to play with my images that I shoot digitally. But to intentionally shoot digital thinking you'll end up with a Black and White image is akin to putting a fiberglass Porsche kit on a 1968 VW, all the while believing you're driving a 1956 Speedster!

The above digital image is a faux Black and White shot for a model test where digital images were the most convenient and cost effective for a test shoot. Oh yeah, you can also 'make" Polaroids in Alien skin too! Don't get me started...Example #2.

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