Friday, June 11, 2010

The Good 'Ol Days?

Are the good 'ol days good because of selective memory or were they really? I had the good (?) fortune to play around with a 1960's era water housing for the Hasseblad; my medium format camera of choice, these babies weigh 2130 gramms (or 4.7 lbs.) by themselves. As noted in previous posts I'm no fan of digital but I am not one to shun modern innovations either. Swimming out with what seemed like a Sparklets Bottle with the Hassy inside and guessing at focus and exposure was enough to have me longing for a waterproof point and shoot digital camera. Then to only get 12 shots and have to swim back to shore convinced me that it is selective memory that makes the good 'ol days seem so wonderful.

Above are Thom and Joe at San Onofre. Thom's riding an old school finless wooden board weighing about 75lbs. Maybe he know's something about the good 'ol days I missed.

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  1. Bill- I think this is cool as Hell. Nice job.